{Holiday Series} Love: Three Green Things

Happy St Pat’s Day Everyone! Here’s three green things that I love right now for varying reasons…


– Basil that continues to flourish in our garden –


– Perfect limes that I am using in many of my 12WBT recipes –


– My beautiful dress fabric…I want to wear it, but am reminded that it needs altering –

 What are three (green) things that are rocking your world right now?



{Holiday Series} Love: Kiss of Coral

I have carried an obsession for anything in coral for quite some time. It’s like I’m drawn to this colour in shops and have to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING I see in this shade. I am aware that not all these coral colours are exactly the same, but I don’t think this matters – they are definitely all from the same family – you know, like aunties and cousins and sisters. I think this outfit is a bit dressy and would be perfect for a special party or perhaps even an Autumn work day if you are out to impress a little.

– Cute Outfit –

1. Forever New Samantha Bow Pocket Cardigan in Coral (49.99)

2. OPI Nail Polish in Conga Line Coral (rrp 19.95)

3. Forever New India Turtle Neck Swing Dress in Black  (89.99)

4. Bracelet in Red Coral from Etsy Shop LanaChayka (31.98)

5. Sportsgirl Box Lock Sling Bag in Coral (29.95)

6. Diana Ferrari Estele Shoes in Black (119.95)

What colour or colours are you naturally drawn towards?


{Holiday Series} Sew: Simplicity 3803 Maxi Dress

I actually started making this dress in the summer of 2010, believe it or not. Then I fell pregnant and it sat in my sewing ‘storage’ until this summer, when I finished it off. It was a simple pattern, with a flattering v-shaped neckline. As it is an a-line style, I think it’s quite flattering as it covers all the lower bits that sometimes are best kept hidden (aka thighs, hips and tummy).

– much-loved, ripped pattern –

I wore it out to dinner with two of my gorgeous girlfriends (Shan and Brooke) and it wasn’t until later in the evening that they commented on it, and were very surprised to hear that I had made it myself. Later that same evening as we were walking back to the car, a stranger commented on how beautiful it was…needless to say, I was chuffed!

– What a beautiful sunny day! –

The bodice and the skirt are lined – I just used the same fabric to line it as it was quite reasonably priced fabric to start with. I purchased the fabric from Spotlight (great stuff, bad service!)

– What shoes to pair it with? –

There’s a couple of things I would change if I ever made another one. Firstly, I would get a longer zip (not sure why it’s so short – maybe I picked up the wrong one) and I think I gathered it too roughly around the sides, therefore adding bulk to my hips (none of us need that!!)

– The back –

What things have you made that people have commented on? OR you’re welcome to just leave a random comment – I’d LOVE that!


{Holiday Series} Love: My Baby Shoes

*** HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to EVIE ***

Since Evie has begun to walk, I have battled with trying to find the right shoes for her. She has quite large feet, as she is tall. She is growing so fast and it’s hard to know how many to buy in each size, that will be appropriate for the right season (in Melbourne, this could be three in one day) and also the right styles and colours that go with her outfits. Well, you may be thinking that I am a little crazy after you read that – and you would be right, but I’ve only turned into a crazy lady because of the choices I’ve face regarding Evie’s shoes.

After much research, I was delighted to find an online children’s shoe store that had comprehensive information about the shoes and their sizes – My Baby Shoes. So I had a little look around their website and took the plunge – I ordered THREE pairs of shoes for Evie.

– Imelda Marcos…’I’ve been very misunderstood’ –

{Holiday Series} Bake: Bill Granger’s Poached Pears with Warm Coffee Sauce

I know this is not technically a bake post, but sometimes I’m going to have to share other cooking adventures with you that aren’t in the bake category. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want 🙂

So, I had to make something out of my all-time favourite cook book, Bill Granger’s ‘Feed Me Now’. It just has so many yummy, hearty, easy recipes in it. My copy of this book is so well-used that it’s a bit grotty. It’s gross, but I kind of love that about it now.

– I love you Bill –

For those of you that have been reading along with my blog last week, you will know that I have been doing Michelle Bridge’s 12WBT. Unfortunately, there are no Bill Granger recipes in her 1200 calories per day regime. So, I broke the rules (which I figure is my prerogative ONCE A WEEK….for blogging purposes of course) and I made poached pears with a warm coffee sauce. Bridges’ program has a treat meal once a week and so I made this my treat.

– Yum –

I also got some inspiration from watching My Kitchen Rules. The two ‘evil’ characters on the show made a poached pear recipe and they inspired me to make this – it’s one of my favourites and I haven’t made it for so long.

– If only they knew their destiny –

They were peeled and then poached in a litre of water with dissolved sugar and vanilla extract. It also had a cinnamon stick floating carelessly at the surface.

– Naked pears –

– A hot bath –

The sauce is the naughty bit. This has a little butter, cream, brown sugar and a shot of espresso coffee. This spends five minutes on the stove top and then it’s ready to pour over the poached pears – with some more cream….or course.

– How many calories in that? –

So, the verdict…my husband kept repeating….’Oh my God, the sauce is so good’ and then he said, ‘the pears could have been in a little longer’. He is always very honest about my cooking – which is annoying, but helps me to improve. I often remind him, quietly and calmly, just how lucky he is to have a clever wife who will cook for him.

Do you have a favourite recipe book?


{Holiday Series} Sew: Nappy Cover Panties Tutorial

Over the hot summer, I like my little heat-pack baby (toddler) to wear as little as possible. The minimum is obviously a nappy, and as she has taken to ripping her own nappy off, I also like her to have something to prevent this. Solution: Nappy Cover Panties. I have put together a basic tutorial so that anyone else with the same problem can whip-up a pair of these panties whenever they feel inspired.

Along with your basic sewing items, sewing machine and cutting scissors, you will need:

– A piece of fabric approximately 70cm x 50 cm – folded in half. A lovely light cotton is perfect for summer.

– Matching Cotton.

– Thin elastic – I used 51cm for the waist and 30cm for the legs for my “baby” – who is on the larger side.

How to…

1. Download this three A4-page pattern, print and cut it out  – you could trace it to baking paper or interfacing for future use.

2. Fold your fabric in half, with print on the inside, pin your pattern and cut it out.

3. Pin and sew the edges – which will become your front and back seams.

– Stitch the front and back seams together –

They should look like this, ready for the next stage…

– Starting to look like panties –

4. I then overlocked my seams so they won’t fray. You could very easily zig-zag them and it would stop them from fraying.

5. Turn your edges over, creating a casing for the elastic to go in. This needs to be done for the waist and the legs.

– Create a casing for elastic –

– Nearly there –

6. The second last step is to measure your child to see how much elastic you will need. I am very conscious of it needing to be a little bit loose – nothing worse than tight elastic sticking into your legs. Using a safety-pin, thread your elastic through the casting and either hand-sew or machine-sew the ends together.

7. The final step is to hand-sew the small openings in the casting with a very small blind stitch – a stitch that cannot be seen.

– The Final Nappy Cover Panties –


Do you think you could give this a go? Go on!


LOVE: The Holiday Series

Today I am on holidays.

I am going away….far, far away, for two whole weeks. I don’t have any bills to pay. I don’t have a mortgage. I don’t have a house (or even a caravan). I am in limbo land and as much as this FREAKS me out, I am going to TRY to enjoy it. It is a very rare time in my life that will no doubt fly by. I have many things to look forward to and many things to LOVE.

My blog will continue throughout this time as the Holiday Series – this will consist of old blog posts, from earlier in the year. These are all my faves and ones that I hope you will enjoy again, or perhaps for the first time if you have joined me later in the year.

I look forward to seeing you all on my return and please keep posting comments and feedback…I WILL read them and LOVE them.