Love: Three Things

Three things to love today and this week…


– Memories of our holiday –


– The strip of retro wall paper in my mum’s new/old house –


– Moving into our new home –

Many, many things to love and be grateful for.

What about you?


Love: Squatty Potty

There is a warning that comes with today’s blog post. The warning is that today’s blog post is about poo. Poo can be quite a funny topic and in fact poo is something Evie is very interested at the moment as she begins her toilet training process. However, this is actually a very serious side to the poo topic. I’d like to personally thank my father in law, Peter, for finding this video and sharing it with me, so that I can now share it with you all.


It may seem strange that he shared this with me, but it goes back to a conversation we had over a year ago when he visited our bathroom and I had a pile of phone books on the floor (that were a cheap version of the squatty potty) and inquired after them. All I can assume now is that he often thinks about me and my squatty potty when he comes across videos such as this…

Squatty Potty

This is an American version of the Squatty Potty that one can purchase, but I think this is something can quite easily be replaced with a child’s foot stool or as I had, a pile of phone books.

What are your thoughts on the Squatty Potty? Have I converted you?

Love: Images of Our Holiday

These moments feel like a distant memory now, but the memory is still in full colour, and thanks to my beautiful Nikon D3100, I can keep them that way forever. I just want to share a few of my favourites.

– A pier in Narooma, NSW –

– Husband and Evie on a pier in Narooma, NSW –

– I LOVE this shot…Narooma, NSW –

– Evie at Sunset in Narooma, NSW –

– Ferry to Manly, Sydney, NSW –

– Evie’s first ride on a merry-go-round (maybe Husband’s too) Sydney, NSW –

– Our hotel view (to the right) Sydney, NSW –

– Our hotel view (to the left) Sydney, NSW –

– Breakfast by the Vines in the Hunter Valley, NSW –

– One of the wineries we visited in the Hunter Valley, NSW –

– LOVE this pic. Taken by Husband in the Hunter Valley, NSW –

– The Kiama Lighthouse in Kiama, NSW –

Such a great trip.

Beautiful weather.



Do you have colour memories of a holiday?

Bake: Sausage Rolls

Mini sausage rolls are so great for finger food entertaining. I made this recipe way back on Fathers Day as part of my lunch menu on the day. This was one of the yummiest things that I served and as I also had an abundance of parsley in the garden, I served it with a quinoa tabbouleh (this is a post  for another day). I sifted through the recipes on and came across this one as it looked the tastiest.

– The raw filling is a bit sticky and messy and gross –

– There’s a skill to rolling it into a neat line so it can be folded over evenly –

– Maybe too much in that one? –

– Baking away in the oven –

– Straight out of the oven –

– Served with the quinoa tabbouleh –

– Also served with my beautiful sister-in-law’s YUMMY potato salad –

Do you have a tried and tested tasty mini sausage roll recipe?

Love: ‘Honolulu’ Book Review

On my recent holiday, I was able to read two whole books. This is the first one I read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘Honolulu’ written by Alan Brennert is a historical novel told from the point of view of a young Korean girl, Jin. It is set in the early part of last century when life for Korean women was very strict, where their lives were set out for them and they had vier little say in what lay ahead of them. Jin was determined to get an education and so she chose a different path for herself, which included becoming a ‘picture bride’ – this is where she agreed to marry a man (a Korean man) who was living in Hawaii and paid for her to travel there and become her wife.

Life is not what she expects and Jin is forced to make some tough choices.

This is a beautifully written novel and I was amazed to discover that the author had no first hand experience, but rather a keen interest in this part of the world’s history and location.

Jin is a strong, independent and intelligent woman who I really grew to love and respect whilst reading her story. I give this book a 4.5 our of 5.

Have you read this book? Have you heard of it? Do you think you’d like to read it?

Love: Tulip Skirts

I have my eye on many smart-looking tulip skirts. I have spoken about my yearning for slimmer legs in a previous post, and this is yet another example of this – one which I won’t harp or linger on.

Check out these lovely skirts (note the short length of them)…


– Portmans Knife Pleat Jacquard Skirt in coral (79.95) –


– Portmans Summer High Waisted Skirt in royal (59.95) –


– Target Hot Options Exposed Zip Skirt in pale steel (31.20) –


– French Connection Fast Famous Cotton Skirt in phantom grey (49.95) –


– Cotton On Brocade Tulip Skirt in silver (39.95) –


– Next Lipsy Metallic Tulip Skirt ($63) –

What are your thoughts on the tulip skirt?