{Holiday Series} Love: My Baby Shoes

*** HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to EVIE ***

Since Evie has begun to walk, I have battled with trying to find the right shoes for her. She has quite large feet, as she is tall. She is growing so fast and it’s hard to know how many to buy in each size, that will be appropriate for the right season (in Melbourne, this could be three in one day) and also the right styles and colours that go with her outfits. Well, you may be thinking that I am a little crazy after you read that – and you would be right, but I’ve only turned into a crazy lady because of the choices I’ve face regarding Evie’s shoes.

After much research, I was delighted to find an online children’s shoe store that had comprehensive information about the shoes and their sizes – My Baby Shoes. So I had a little look around their website and took the plunge – I ordered THREE pairs of shoes for Evie.

– Imelda Marcos…’I’ve been very misunderstood’ –


8 thoughts on “{Holiday Series} Love: My Baby Shoes

  1. Happy, happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful little Evie Rose! I hope she has a wonderful day in Sydney and that she is a good girl so Mummy and Daddy can have a wonderful day too!! xox

  2. You are never too young to learn the value of having a good shoe collection! You are a good mum, Allison 🙂 Happy birthday, Evie Rose!

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