{Holiday Series} Sew: Nappy Cover Panties Tutorial

Over the hot summer, I like my little heat-pack baby (toddler) to wear as little as possible. The minimum is obviously a nappy, and as she has taken to ripping her own nappy off, I also like her to have something to prevent this. Solution: Nappy Cover Panties. I have put together a basic tutorial so that anyone else with the same problem can whip-up a pair of these panties whenever they feel inspired.

Along with your basic sewing items, sewing machine and cutting scissors, you will need:

– A piece of fabric approximately 70cm x 50 cm – folded in half. A lovely light cotton is perfect for summer.

– Matching Cotton.

– Thin elastic – I used 51cm for the waist and 30cm for the legs for my “baby” – who is on the larger side.

How to…

1. Download this three A4-page pattern, print and cut it out  – you could trace it to baking paper or interfacing for future use.

2. Fold your fabric in half, with print on the inside, pin your pattern and cut it out.

3. Pin and sew the edges – which will become your front and back seams.

– Stitch the front and back seams together –

They should look like this, ready for the next stage…

– Starting to look like panties –

4. I then overlocked my seams so they won’t fray. You could very easily zig-zag them and it would stop them from fraying.

5. Turn your edges over, creating a casing for the elastic to go in. This needs to be done for the waist and the legs.

– Create a casing for elastic –

– Nearly there –

6. The second last step is to measure your child to see how much elastic you will need. I am very conscious of it needing to be a little bit loose – nothing worse than tight elastic sticking into your legs. Using a safety-pin, thread your elastic through the casting and either hand-sew or machine-sew the ends together.

7. The final step is to hand-sew the small openings in the casting with a very small blind stitch – a stitch that cannot be seen.

– The Final Nappy Cover Panties –


Do you think you could give this a go? Go on!



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