{Holiday Series} Sew: Simplicity 3803 Maxi Dress

I actually started making this dress in the summer of 2010, believe it or not. Then I fell pregnant and it sat in my sewing ‘storage’ until this summer, when I finished it off. It was a simple pattern, with a flattering v-shaped neckline. As it is an a-line style, I think it’s quite flattering as it covers all the lower bits that sometimes are best kept hidden (aka thighs, hips and tummy).

– much-loved, ripped pattern –

I wore it out to dinner with two of my gorgeous girlfriends (Shan and Brooke) and it wasn’t until later in the evening that they commented on it, and were very surprised to hear that I had made it myself. Later that same evening as we were walking back to the car, a stranger commented on how beautiful it was…needless to say, I was chuffed!

– What a beautiful sunny day! –

The bodice and the skirt are lined – I just used the same fabric to line it as it was quite reasonably priced fabric to start with. I purchased the fabric from Spotlight (great stuff, bad service!)

– What shoes to pair it with? –

There’s a couple of things I would change if I ever made another one. Firstly, I would get a longer zip (not sure why it’s so short – maybe I picked up the wrong one) and I think I gathered it too roughly around the sides, therefore adding bulk to my hips (none of us need that!!)

– The back –

What things have you made that people have commented on? OR you’re welcome to just leave a random comment – I’d LOVE that!



17 thoughts on “{Holiday Series} Sew: Simplicity 3803 Maxi Dress

  1. Hilarious comment about Spotlight – Great stuff, bad service! I would say everyone agrees with that. This dress is just stunning. You have done an amazing job in the layout of the fabric, the floral placements are just perfect and it is very flattering. It looks like a Collette Dinnigan designer dress x

    • I’m so glad you agree on the Spotlight thing – I wondered if it was just me they were consistently rude and bitchy towards!! Thank you for the lovely complements – I’ll hold out on giving up the day job just yet though Jo x

  2. It’s gorgeous and well done for making it. I think you can go into production now:)

    I have never been to Spotlight but I always get bad service at Lincraft so I can relate xx

  3. Beautiful dress!
    I made a lovely garden gnome once that mum proudly displayed at the front door for years. Not quite the same but you said random comments are welcome…
    A think a lovely pair of espadrilles would look fantastic with your dress xo

  4. Looks great Al – I wish I could sew, it’s such a great talent to have. The fabric colours look great on you and I love the top knot in your hair! I can’t even sew a hem or fix Mark’s sock holes……..xo

  5. My spotty Cambie always gets comments. And my new Vogue 1247 top is much admired.
    I love your dress the colours are just lovely! I would wear v.fine strappy flats possibly with a tiny bit of metal.

  6. what a lovely fabric. And, you know, on the Spotlight thing? I might have been a bit luckier because I’ve had reasonable service there, sometimes even good (and very rarely appalling although that has happened). I’ve had compliments from colleagues on scarves I’ve knitted and one I’ve sewn, but they don’t really count as random strangers. I’ll have to try harder.

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