{Holiday Series} Love: Kiss of Coral

I have carried an obsession for anything in coral for quite some time. It’s like I’m drawn to this colour in shops and have to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING I see in this shade. I am aware that not all these coral colours are exactly the same, but I don’t think this matters – they are definitely all from the same family – you know, like aunties and cousins and sisters. I think this outfit is a bit dressy and would be perfect for a special party or perhaps even an Autumn work day if you are out to impress a little.

– Cute Outfit –

1. Forever New Samantha Bow Pocket Cardigan in Coral (49.99)

2. OPI Nail Polish in Conga Line Coral (rrp 19.95)

3. Forever New India Turtle Neck Swing Dress in Black  (89.99)

4. Bracelet in Red Coral from Etsy Shop LanaChayka (31.98)

5. Sportsgirl Box Lock Sling Bag in Coral (29.95)

6. Diana Ferrari Estele Shoes in Black (119.95)

What colour or colours are you naturally drawn towards?



8 thoughts on “{Holiday Series} Love: Kiss of Coral

  1. Green- deep and jewel toned. There are some beautiful jewellery pieces in this colour at the moment (Diva and the rest). Looks so nice to dress up the same black outfit you have worn forever or with similar jewel colours like deep purples and burgundy.

  2. I feel silly even posting a response to what color I am drawn too, because anyone who knows me knows the answer. However my comment is that LUCKILY whenever I do wear something in a vivid shade of purple I always get comments from others about how good the color looks on me… just means I can keep buying more purple I guess!! x Ally
    P.S I think anything in ANY shade of pink (coral included) would suit you down to the ground Al.

  3. I thought of you yesterday Alison when I made my first clothing purchase in Sabah – a top with coral as a block accent. I also had my first pedicure for the trip – again, a brighter shade of coral (well maybe more like tangerine, but still seems to be in the same family!).

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