Love: What is it about the Wiggles?

This could be classed as my question of the week. A few weeks ago we took Evie to see The WIggles, live in concert at Hamer Hall. They were playing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, so this made for a pretty amazing experience.

When we arrived, it was like walking into a theatre of pure excitement, innocence and crazy-ness. Evie sat in complete awe for the first two songs and then proceeded to dance and sing for the rest of the show, which went for about forty-five minutes.

She has watched quite a bit of Wiggles on the TV and the Ipad, so she’s very familiar with their music and their various characters. I am not questioning whether they are entertaining, because I can see that is obvious, what I want to know is…

What is it about the Wiggles that makes my daughter seem like an obsessed, crazy, Wiggles-addicted child?

Has anyone else shared my experience? Does anyone else have an answer for me? A theory?


4 thoughts on “Love: What is it about the Wiggles?

  1. Sebbie loved them but Cal would take them or leave them. Kenzie is a bit obsessed but more so with the older original stuff than the new. You know, Hot Potato, Big Red Car etc.
    They just seem to have a way of tuning into a child’s innocence. Like aural LSD for kids. 🙂

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