Bake: Donna Hay’s Raspberry Muffins

To welcome Spring into our lives, today we enjoyed our weekly Mother’s Group get-together in the park. It was so lovely to “sit” with our (very mobile) babies and chat about the week’s events. I made Donna Hay’s Raspberry Muffins. I omitted the white chocolate, as my cupboard was lacking any white chocolate morsels, so I just used the frozen raspberries that I always have in my freezer (that reminds me, I need to put them on my shopping list – I can’t bare to be without them).

– The love of my life; My Kitchen Aide

– Donna Hay’s Raspberry Muffins; from her latest cook-book ‘Fast, Fresh, Simple’

To make them look more ‘muffin-like’ I just cut out small squares of baking paper and lined the muffin tin prior to spooning in the mixture. They were a real hit – with the mothers, the babies and even the husband who devoured the final two that I brought home.


Love Love Love of the Week

Every week I am going to include something that I LOVE LOVE LOVE for the week. This could be anything that has made my week great!

This week’s LOVE LOVE LOVE of the week comes with Spring and the sunshine (and idea of warmer weather) and my plan to make this spring/summer dress…

It’s a Burda pattern  – 7517. I have made a practice one out of simple, cheap blue fabric. I will now attempt to make one out of my preferred fabric. Wish me luck. Other people have also made this pattern – here’s what they thought.

New blog

Hello internet world. I have decided to see if anyone is interested in what I have to say by starting a blog. This blog will contain posts on sewing, baking and things that I love – this could be any number of things. I will endeavour to publish at least one of each per week to start off….and see how I go from there. My posts may be in the form of reviews, or they may be informative or they may be tutorials. I hope you get something out of this. Thank you for reading.