Love: CND Shellac

So I am talking nails today. I have a life-long addiction (obsession) with beautiful nails. I am always searching for the perfect looking nail and I always check out other people’s manicures and fakies and shapes and colours. I have made a recent discovery after taking a risk and doing some serious research. There are so many products on the market these days – good quality and second-rate. About a year ago I tried (for the first time) a product called Shellac. This is a gel nail polish that get painted on and set with a UV light (shock horror….UV light on your hands). I was told that it would last for up to two weeks. The Shellac experience I had a year ago last two days and so I was very annoyed and skeptical and didn’t think it was worth the trouble – especially since the rest of the nail polish had to be soaked off. I think it must have been an inferior brand (apparently there’s heaps out there). And apparently it depends on the ‘setting’ of the gel – that is, the quality and strength of the UV globes.

A week ago, after some extensive internet research, I took the plunge again and tried a REAL CND Shellac nail polish and have been rather impressed with the results, a week (and a swimming pool AND a house moving/cleaning weekend) later. It has stayed in perfect condition and in fact, it is growing out before it is chipping. Take a look…

– LOVE this colour –

– It’s growing out rather than chipping –

I get so annoyed when I paint my nails and they chip a day later. This is the perfect solution for me. I am considering purchasing a kit for myself (too much?) as I think it would save HEAPS of money in the long run.

What are your thoughts on the Shellac? Have you tried it? Do you have a desire to?


4 thoughts on “Love: CND Shellac

  1. The nails look GREAT! How easy is it to do yourself? I guess weigh up the cost compared to how often you would pay to get it done.
    You could open up your own little Shellac-ing boutique!!

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