Love: Nature’s Cuppa Tea

I have spoken of my love for tea before. I have once again found another tea that I love. It is the Nature’s Cuppa Organic tea range.

Nature’s Cuppa comes in a variety of flavours, including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chai, Chamomile and Green Tea. They are certified fair trade (from the Sri Lanken highlands) and all organic (free of chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients).

– Almost the entire range available –

I really love the English Breakfast, the Early Grey and the Peppermint tea. Many tea ranges smell great when they’re sitting in their mug, but then when you take a sip, they can taste quite different. The peppermint tea in this range smells amazing, then when you take a sip, you get a yummy hit of peppermint and then a smooth aftertaste  – not the bite you can sometimes get with peppermint teas.

They also use unbleached paper tea bags, rather than bleached teabags, which may take some getting used to if you love a crisp white tea bag, but it’s all part of them remaining organic and 100% biodegradable. This includes the string and the teabag – and  Nature’s Cuppa are hoping to also eliminate the need for a staple, using biodegradable string as well.

Nature’s Cuppa also have a range of instant coffee and espresso coffee. I am not a huge fan of instant coffee as I find it goes stale way too quickly. I’m also very spoilt to have my own automatic coffee machine. Nature’s Cuppa Instant Coffee was great to tide me over while my beautiful auto coffee machine was in storage.

Nature’s Cuppa is available in Woolies, Coles, some IGA and Foodworks supermarkets, and health food stores. The range is also available on the Nature’s Cuppa Website.

What is your favourite range of tea? Why do you love it?

This product was provided for my enjoyment. It has not changed my opinion of it. Please feel free to read my disclosure statement.


Love: Some Beautiful Songs

I have some songs I’d like to share today that I love to listen to over and over. They have the ability to make me sad enough to cry and happy enough to make me smile. It is amazing. You may think I am soppy and a big nerd, but I am willing to take that chance, just so I can share these beautiful songs with you.

This first one, ‘I Won’t Let Go’, is by a band called Rascal Flatts. My mum pointed the song out to me when it played on Oprah over a year ago. Thanks Mum. This is a live version on You Tube.

This second one is from an old album I have. It’s by Lee Ann Womack and it’s called, ‘I Hope you Dance’. This is the official video clip.

The third one is from my all time favourite band, Keane. I reviewed their latest album, ‘Strangeland’, some time ago and am still listening to it quite a bit. I have fallen in love with this song, ‘Sovereign Light Cafe’ as it has an upbeat feeling and makes me feel like I’m on holidays again. I also love perving on the sexy Keane band members! This is also their official music video.

What do think of these songs? Do they make you smile? Cry? Feel indifferent?

Bake: Sicilian Apple Cake

When we were on our beautiful holiday (which feels like a distant memory now) we often treated ourselves to a morning or afternoon tea. When in Kiama – on NSW South coast, we discovered a lovely little cafe that served this yummy, scrumptious, delicious cake. We loved it so much that we even went back the following day and ordered the same cake. So, being the baker that I am, I attempted to make it….with GREAT success.

I googled the recipe, and found it here. This website seems to be affiliated with a store on QLD’s Sunshine Coast and has heaps of yummy recipes – bonus!

So, here’s the photo gallery to tempt you all to challenge yourselves in the baking arena.

– It’s basically a simple cake batter as the base –

– Peeling and slicing the apples is the most annoying part of this recipe…which is why I got Mumma to do it –

– Soaking the apple in the lemon juice –

– Cake batter and layered apples into the springform cake pan, then top with the sultanas, nuts… –

– …and sugar and cinnamon mix –

– Fresh out of the oven –

– Yum, almost too good to eat –

– Serving with whipped cream is a MUST! –

As stated earlier, this was super yummy and as I type this I’m thinking I may just have to make this again soon.

Have you ever had anything like this cake?

Love: Blogging….or do I?

I have been absent for almost a month. I want to apologise to those lovely people who gave me feedback that they have missed me in this time – thank you for the inspiration. Now, to explain my absence. I am not good with change and moving into our new home was a massive change for me….it still is. I am still getting my head around my new life and my new surroundings – to be honest, it set my head into a bit of a spin. I have also been really ill and this has also stopped me in my tracks with the blog. I am still deciding whether to continue with the blog – I might just post every few days and see how that goes. I haven’t done ANY sewing, done very little baking and with my big life changes, have done very little loving – so what will I write about????

Watch this space….