{Holiday Series} Love: Three Green Things

Happy St Pat’s Day Everyone! Here’s three green things that I love right now for varying reasons…


– Basil that continues to flourish in our garden –


– Perfect limes that I am using in many of my 12WBT recipes –


– My beautiful dress fabric…I want to wear it, but am reminded that it needs altering –

 What are three (green) things that are rocking your world right now?



10 thoughts on “{Holiday Series} Love: Three Green Things

  1. 1 rocket, love it’s peppery taste and crunch
    2. My mor basil and grape body lotion
    3. Teds new turtle bath toy…. Hours of entertainment
    Happy st pats day ali!! Xo

  2. I have just planted basil in our fabulous new garden bed, so that’s number one, number two is my jade green earrings, number three is my Rimmel nail polish in Misty Jade… lovely! x Ally

  3. Is that Basil photo from your garden? What type is it? I don’t seem to be able to keep mine alive. 😦

    Looking forward to seeing that dress on you once you reach your goal. xo

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