Love: Some Lovely Fashion Found on Pinterest

I love flicking through Pinterest for fashion inspiration (and interior design inspiration). These are some of the items and outfits that have caught my eye lately.


– Gorgeous hot pink and yellow. Taken from blog Atlantic-Pacific


– LOVE this cardie. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the link –


– This is a cure outfit….I love green jeans and tan handbags. It was a post on the Polyvore website


– LOVE this jacket with the navy blue and white striped top underneath. Such a smart look. Once again, no link (this is the problem with Pinterest) –


– Stunning! Taken from a blog, workday.weekend


– Love this Chevron maxi. It was selling at Bloomingdales, but they don’t seem to be selling it anymore –

What’s your fave?


4 thoughts on “Love: Some Lovely Fashion Found on Pinterest

  1. I LOVE the white dress with the green shoes, gorgeous. I have a ‘thing’ for a plain colored dress with bright bright shoes (think our wedding!!) I will be wearing a black dress with bright blue and pink heels to a wedding I’m attending in Oct. x Ally

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