Love: Some Beautiful Songs

I have some songs I’d like to share today that I love to listen to over and over. They have the ability to make me sad enough to cry and happy enough to make me smile. It is amazing. You may think I am soppy and a big nerd, but I am willing to take that chance, just so I can share these beautiful songs with you.

This first one, ‘I Won’t Let Go’, is by a band called Rascal Flatts. My mum pointed the song out to me when it played on Oprah over a year ago. Thanks Mum. This is a live version on You Tube.

This second one is from an old album I have. It’s by Lee Ann Womack and it’s called, ‘I Hope you Dance’. This is the official video clip.

The third one is from my all time favourite band, Keane. I reviewed their latest album, ‘Strangeland’, some time ago and am still listening to it quite a bit. I have fallen in love with this song, ‘Sovereign Light Cafe’ as it has an upbeat feeling and makes me feel like I’m on holidays again. I also love perving on the sexy Keane band members! This is also their official music video.

What do think of these songs? Do they make you smile? Cry? Feel indifferent?


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