Love: Three Things


– Getting my blogging vine back –


– Getting my nail polish vibe back –


– Starting my Christmas shopping..YAY! –

I would love to hear the three things you are loving…


14 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. 1. Watching the whales (especially mums and babies) go south for the summer. We’ve been here 11 years and I’ve never seen so many! It’s wonderful.
    2. My new MacBook Pro. Loving myself sick!
    3. Having your lovely blog back – I missed it terribly! (No pressure – hah!!)

  2. 1. Finishing up working in mortgage valuations forever!
    2. Taking the huge step of starting my own business
    3. Extra time with Ted due to the 2 points above!

  3. 1. Meeting my hero – Hon Michael Kirby
    2. Enjoying drinks with work colleagues
    3. Submitting a Masters assignment (worth 50% – so much work)

    Do you think I can make a come back on my blog?!?! xo

  4. Glad to have your blog back. In response to the question you asked on Facebook, although it might sound simple of me, I love the pictures you post, of clothes, food, craft etc. Three things for this week:
    1. Starting xmas shopping too, yay!
    2. Shopping with the ‘bride to be’ and fellow ‘maids for dresses
    3. Thinking about future options.
    x Ally

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