Love: Three Things

Three things I’m loving this week are…
1. Making heaps of smoothie combinations – so yummy and so healthy!

2. Getting to the gym regularly again- am LOVING my new gym and its crèche!

3. Holidays – need I say more??


What three things are you loving this week?



3 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. Haha Khamal, love it!
    I’m loving that I’m finished writing reports (but not lving that I now have to proofread a whole bunch of them), I’m loving the sunshine (when it decides to come out) and I’m loving my new red and white skirt (need that sunshine to be more consistent so I can wear it). x

  2. 1. I finished the latest ‘Good Wife’ series.
    2. The cooler weather – for a break from the unrelenting humidity in Hong Kong.
    3. My inlaws will be here in less than one month.
    Shan xo

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