Love: Today is the day to start blogging again.

I have had some time away from the computer juggling part time paid work and a toddler whilst being pregnant and moving house, then a toddler and now a baby. Throughout this time away, I have yearned for the  time and energy to sit and write again. I have yearned for the silence that is only interrupted by the soothing tap tap tapping that my beloved laptop makes (and the tweeting birds outside my study window).

Although I have only had minimal sewing time, I have still been baking a lot and of course, I’m still loving lots of things and trying to stay inspired by all those other awesome bloggers out there. I am filled with ideas on a daily basis, but time and energy are at their lowest points – I’m hoping from here on, they will increase, and I can make a come back to regular posts.

The biggest news that I have since I’ve last blogged, is the birth of my baby boy, Archer. He’s such a cutie and I love him to bits. I’m trying to enjoy every moment with him, but I also need to keep some interests of my own – and I’m hoping this blog will be that outlet.

Here’s some shots of him…totally cute!

DSC_1778 DSC_1817 DSC_1842 DSC_1865

Anyway, here goes. I’m hoping to also bring some new ideas into the blog – so let me know if they are favourable or not. I would love your support.

Name for SewBakeLove


13 thoughts on “Love: Today is the day to start blogging again.

  1. It can be a battle to find a balance between being a mother and retaining your sense of identity separate to being ‘mum’. It takes time. Some days are better, some harder but you will find it (mother to Miss 8 & 10!)

  2. Great to hear you are inspired to blog again! The days and weeks ahead will become easier for you as your littlies grow. Before you know it, you’ll be excited about something they are finding enjoyable – just like I am with you! And just like sewbusylizzy says, some days will be better than others but you will love your blog nonetheless. I look forward to sharing your sewing, baking and loving with you as you go along. xox

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