Love It: 52 – A Portrait a Week

My beautiful friend Jo, recently made me aware of a project that she found out in the World Wide Web called, ‘The 52 Project‘. The blogger, Jodi has committed to photographing her two children once a week for all of 2013 and posting these photos (along with many of her other beautiful shots) on her blog, Che and Fidel. Jodi is an AMAZING photographer – I just can’t stop looking at her beautiful photos. I am truly inspired by her talent and her eye for what makes a beautiful photograph.

I have also recently started following another blogger, Donna on her blog, Donna Jayne, and she is also participating in this project. Donna Jayne writes and posts about many other really interesting topics too, including giving up sugar, which has inspired me to try this (more on this later).

So, to kick off the year of photos, I will have to post a few photos (a few weeks back-log) and then one a week from there – and after June, TWO a week.

- 1/52 -

– 1/52 –

- 2/52 -

– 2/52 –

- 3/52 -

– 3/52 –

I wish that I had started this when Evie was born, but I guess it’s better late than never.

Who is interested in participating? Has anyone done anything like this already?

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5 thoughts on “Love It: 52 – A Portrait a Week

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  2. It’s a great project and your pictures of Evie are gorgeous, perfectly capturing her little personality and childhood. Glad you’re joining the fun! x

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