Love It: Question of the Week

I go through phases where I feel very motivated. It helps when I’m on holidays (like now) and I can really focus on the goals ahead of me and keep my eyes on the prize. I guess my main area for keeping focussed and feeling motivated is healthy eating paired with a decent amount of exercise. At the moment I have time to really contribute to these two areas in my life. I have time to enjoy them and I feel great about them. When I go back to work, or when Bubba Number Two arrives, I can guarantee that these focusses will head straight out the window, along with my feelings of being in control. So, I would like to put my question of the week out there….

Who or what motivates YOU to be in control and achieve your goals? Who helps you find focus and then keep that focus?


Would love to hear from you all….

Name for SewBakeLove


1 thought on “Love It: Question of the Week

  1. My friends motivate me to stay in control of healthy eating and exercise, I just find it hard to continue the motivation by myself. I definitely go through fazes of high and low motivation and I guess it is aligned with my mood, energy levels and how busy I am.

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