Love It: Movie Review – The Intouchables

It is safe to say that this movie was one of the best movies I have seen in a LONG time. It is a French film, with English sub-titles that truly took me on a roller-coaster, where I laughed throughout and also found myself crying (this is something I am finding myself doing a lot more these days thanks to pregnancy hormones).

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Directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, this film is about a quadriplegic, Phillipe (played by Francois Cluzet who hires a very ‘unconventional’ full time carer, Driss (played by Omar Sy). Phillipe is a very wealthy man who has many servants working for him and it seems that Driss is a refreshing change of pace from these ‘friends’ and family that have surrounded him for so many years.

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Based on a true story, these two men learn a lot about each other, as well as the things each appreciates and enjoys in life – which as you can imagine are worlds apart. There really isn’t too much more to the narrative for sharing than this, without giving too much away, but it I highly recommend that everyone go and see it.

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The soundtrack is beautiful and features varied styles of music; predominantly piano pieces by Ludovico Einaudi and other tracks such as, ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone and ‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire. I have since purchased the album and have been playing it quite a bit. The cinematography is beautiful and tends to lean towards a conventional Hollywood narrative style, which is a bit unusual for French film.

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I’ve spoken to many people about this film and they’ve said that the French sub titles put them off, but my suggestion is to just suck it up and watch it anyway because it really IS worth it! Ten stars out of ten for this film! That’s a big call!

Has anyone else seen this? What’s your opinion? If you haven’t seen it, what have you heard? Good or Bad?

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6 thoughts on “Love It: Movie Review – The Intouchables

  1. I didn’t know anything about this, but now really want to see it. So nice to have you back – will definitely be trying peppermint log to eat whilst watching this xxx

  2. Have already commented on FB about this movie. Love, love love! Cannot speak more highly of it. I am so enamoured by the story that I forgot that I was reading it.
    A definite one for my all time greatest list. xo

  3. I am disappointed that I didn’t see this now, after reading your review…. Just checked the Sun and it’s off (and I couldn’t possibly go somewhere else to watch a movie!).
    Looks like it’s one for DVD for me.

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