Love It: Question of the Week

We moved into our lovely new house just over two months ago and although we are familiar with the area, we don’t know anyone – certainly not the neighbours. It’s a very quiet street, with far less passing foot and motor traffic than our previous house – there is a freight train line, but that’s for further discussions another day! All in all, I’m really starting to enjoy our new home. It also helps that my morning sickness has now passed, as when we first moved in, all I wanted to do was sleep and vomit – ugh!

- Moving into our new home -

– Moving into our new home –

One day, when I was feeling rather crap – sick as well as morning sickness, the door bell rang (yes, we have a doorbell as the house is quite long (ooh la la) and I was surprised to see my lovely new neighbour standing there with a big friendly smile and a plate of freshly baked muffins. I was not only a bit shocked by this friendly, neighbourly (almost eras-ago) behaviour, but I was also glad to finally meet someone who is a similar age, also with children, living right next door.

We chatted for a while and when I came back inside I realised that, in all my MANY MANY house moves, I had never had a neighbour introduce themselves, especially with a plate of yummy food. I also realised I had never offered up my introductions or baking to a new neighbour. So, here’s my TWO questions of the week…

Have you ever had a new neighbour behave in a way similar to this? Or you to them?


Do I now return the favour by taking around some of my baking? Or is that too weird?

I’d love to hear from you on this matter. I’d love to just hear from you.

Name for SewBakeLove

PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie Holly xox


12 thoughts on “Love It: Question of the Week

  1. Lucky you! I have never had a similarly aged and like-minded neighbour, though I have a lovely elderly lady next door who occasionally delivers home grown vegetables and keeps an eye on our place. Perhaps a lasting friendship will develop out of this neighbourly kindness. My brother and sister inlaw live in a street in Melbourne that we affectionately refer to as Wisteria Lane – lots of couples the same age who socialise together. It is awesome for the kids too!

  2. Not long after moving to Coffs we went away to Fiji for several days for a work conference. When we returned not only had the neighbour (who we virtually hadn’t spoken to) collected our mail, but he had also mown our grass and whipper snipped the edges!!!

  3. On the day we moved into our place in Ashwood (the one with the purple walls!), our neighbor knocked on the door to let us know when we needed to put our bins out. Not a plate of muffins, but useful, thoughtful information. x Ally

  4. Yes – we always welcome new neighbours into the hood. Here in Hong Kong we moved in next door to an Australian lady. On Australia Day she always brings in a batch of her ANZAC biscuits. Makes me happy – and sad (homesick). Spread the love – I say. xo

  5. Like you, we’ve never had friendly neighbours. Since living in our new place, we’ve discovered a whole street of amazing families, who have created a FB page for our street. We often see posts about street news, issues, invites to Christmas parties etc. Our next door neighbours are our age, have a 5 month old baby and welcomed us by cooking some biscuits and letting us feed their cats while they were on holiday. It’s great to live amongst a friendly community. Wishing you all the happiness in your neighbourhood! You are the type of person many of us would love to have as our neighbour x

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I didn’t know you were pregnant, that such amazing news!

    Your new neighbour sounds amazing. I’ve never had neighbours bring me baked goods but my old neighbours used to invite me to some really cool parties so I guess that counts? x

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