Love it: Back for 2013

So it’s something I love doing; writing for an audience who love to read what I am writing about. I also love to inspire and be inspired, so I’m giving this blog another red-hot-go in 2013. I have to make a confession as to one of the main reasons I stopped blogging back in October…I had terrible morning sickness.

Yes, that’s correct, I am pregnant – due in June, and any thought of food was making me physically ill. For anyone that has ever suffered from morning sickness, this is something that you cannot escape from, and something that is all-consuming. I am grateful it has now passed and I can just get on with gaining weight and not being able to exercise properly for most of this year.

For now I am going to commit to posting at least four times a week, then I’ll see how I go from there. You will also notice that I am going for a newer, fresher look and perhaps even a name-alteration in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks again for staying loyal and please always remember….leaving comments is very much appreciated.

- Happy New Year -

– Happy New Year –

What resolutions have you made for this new year?

Name for SewBakeLove

Today - #fmsphotoaday 01.01.13

Today – #fmsphotoaday 01.01.13


15 thoughts on “Love it: Back for 2013

  1. Welcome back and I’m so glad you have decided to continue on with the blog!
    It is a highlight in my day 🙂
    One of my resolutions is finally giving up smoking and focus on being a healthier person. I know you can help motivate me in that area.
    Looking forward to the next blog xxx

    • Yay! Thank you for sharing your highlight for the day – I hope I can satisfy this in the future!
      Well done to you on your your resolutions – I’m so happy to help you with all of this! ANYTIME xox

  2. Congratulations on the impending birth of bubba #2. It’s great to see you’re back blogging again and sharing your many talents. Looking forward to a great year of sewbakelove and BABY!

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