Love: Blogging….or do I?

I have been absent for almost a month. I want to apologise to those lovely people who gave me feedback that they have missed me in this time – thank you for the inspiration. Now, to explain my absence. I am not good with change and moving into our new home was a massive change for me….it still is. I am still getting my head around my new life and my new surroundings – to be honest, it set my head into a bit of a spin. I have also been really ill and this has also stopped me in my tracks with the blog. I am still deciding whether to continue with the blog – I might just post every few days and see how that goes. I haven’t done ANY sewing, done very little baking and with my big life changes, have done very little loving – so what will I write about????

Watch this space….


14 thoughts on “Love: Blogging….or do I?

  1. Hello hello stranger!
    Good to see you have made a come back! Don’t worry about your absence and please don’t worry about what you will blog about in the future…. Hop on and write when you have something to write about.
    Moving house is a huge thing. I absolutely love your new house – and pool! It’s all worth it as you now have a beautiful family home.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Welcome back xoxo

  2. Welcome back! I have missed your musings. What I like about your posts, is that it seems to me that you write for fun, from the heart, with humour. You have a natural voice. Write for fun. Don’t worry about the other stuff.

  3. Great to hear from you again Alison, I hope you are well!

    Congrats on the new home, but I can imagine that there is a lot of change to get used to.

    I really enjoy reading your blog but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I hope the sewing and baking and loving comes back soon, so you feel better. One day at a time X

  4. Welcome back, hun! I hope you are well!

    I think we all wonder that sometimes, but ultimately, you do it for YOU, so if it starts to become a chore, you need to take a step back and take time for yourself.

    Congratulations on the new home, I understand how exciting it is but also what a huge deal it is getting settled in new surroundings, etc. Add being unwell and that just makes it all harder!

    I think sewing/baking/loving all comes from inner peace and if we do not have that, it becomes really hard to do the things that might bring us joy, but also require a bit of effort to accomplish.

    Do take care and I hope you feel better soon. We will always be here to read when you are ready to write. If you ever feel like chatting, drop me an email!


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