Love: Squatty Potty

There is a warning that comes with today’s blog post. The warning is that today’s blog post is about poo. Poo can be quite a funny topic and in fact poo is something Evie is very interested at the moment as she begins her toilet training process. However, this is actually a very serious side to the poo topic. I’d like to personally thank my father in law, Peter, for finding this video and sharing it with me, so that I can now share it with you all.


It may seem strange that he shared this with me, but it goes back to a conversation we had over a year ago when he visited our bathroom and I had a pile of phone books on the floor (that were a cheap version of the squatty potty) and inquired after them. All I can assume now is that he often thinks about me and my squatty potty when he comes across videos such as this…

Squatty Potty

This is an American version of the Squatty Potty that one can purchase, but I think this is something can quite easily be replaced with a child’s foot stool or as I had, a pile of phone books.

What are your thoughts on the Squatty Potty? Have I converted you?


4 thoughts on “Love: Squatty Potty

  1. Living in Asia I see this technique all the time. They have their squat toilets everywhere, including Disneyland. Their levels of bowel issues are much lower than the Western world, but that also has to do with their diet. I do see advantages to this style of pooing. Shan xo

  2. Oh this is so funny I am going to have to send it to my Indonesian family and friends!! Imagine that! Standard issue SE Asian loo being talked up in the west!

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