Bake: Sausage Rolls

Mini sausage rolls are so great for finger food entertaining. I made this recipe way back on Fathers Day as part of my lunch menu on the day. This was one of the yummiest things that I served and as I also had an abundance of parsley in the garden, I served it with a quinoa tabbouleh (this is a post  for another day). I sifted through the recipes on and came across this one as it looked the tastiest.

– The raw filling is a bit sticky and messy and gross –

– There’s a skill to rolling it into a neat line so it can be folded over evenly –

– Maybe too much in that one? –

– Baking away in the oven –

– Straight out of the oven –

– Served with the quinoa tabbouleh –

– Also served with my beautiful sister-in-law’s YUMMY potato salad –

Do you have a tried and tested tasty mini sausage roll recipe?


4 thoughts on “Bake: Sausage Rolls

  1. Yum Al……I love sausage rolls! I can’t eat sausage mince, but I make them with fresh mince and they are delicious. Can’t wait for the quinoa tabbouleh recipe now. xx

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