Love: Tulip Skirts

I have my eye on many smart-looking tulip skirts. I have spoken about my yearning for slimmer legs in a previous post, and this is yet another example of this – one which I won’t harp or linger on.

Check out these lovely skirts (note the short length of them)…


– Portmans Knife Pleat Jacquard Skirt in coral (79.95) –


– Portmans Summer High Waisted Skirt in royal (59.95) –


– Target Hot Options Exposed Zip Skirt in pale steel (31.20) –


– French Connection Fast Famous Cotton Skirt in phantom grey (49.95) –


– Cotton On Brocade Tulip Skirt in silver (39.95) –


– Next Lipsy Metallic Tulip Skirt ($63) –

What are your thoughts on the tulip skirt?


5 thoughts on “Love: Tulip Skirts

  1. I LOVE the tulip skirts, however my shape doesn’t really work with them. My larger hips seem to be accentuated by the cut of the skirt. Bummer! x Ally

  2. I wear tulip skirts a lot here in Hong Kong – but they have some added pleats that stand out on the side and this detracts from the bigger hips, but looks part of the design of the skirt. It’s hard to explain, but they’re the rage in Asia. I love them – actually makes me feel slim. Shan xo

  3. Oh I like tulip skirts, but I didn’t know that that is what they are called. I have two, both from the op shop, and one is so comfy and smart looking (in my opinion) I wear it to work. I only bought the other one on Thursday. I like the no. 5 on your list.

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