Bake: Guacamole

Technically not a bake item, but a yummy dip.

I am inspired to write about avocados today following a lunch time conversation with a colleague and good friend, Rachel. She informed me, just yesterday, that she is not a fan of avocados. She says it’s a ‘texture thing’. I was quite shocked. Who doesn’t like avocados???

Have you ever made something, without a recipe, that you felt was totally original and you thought was so yummy and so amazing? Then you realise that it’s something that everyone makes and there’s a million (different) recipes out there that are similar?

This is MY own guacamole recipe that I have been making since I was a teenager. I love it and writing about it now makes me hungry and makes me want to eat it right now.

Al’s Guacamole

1 ripe Avocado, mashed with a fork

2 or 3 Roma tomatoes, cut into very small pieces

1/2 Red Onion sliced very finely

1 lime, juiced

Pita chips, Doritos or freshly chopped veggies.


I put the lime juice on the chopped onion to soften their flavour a little while I chop, mash and mix the remainder of the ingredients. Then I put the  onion and lime juice with the rest of the ingredients. Then I devour it. YUM!

– Avocados…love it when they’re on special –

– The final dip –

– Where’s those pita chips? –

Do you make your own version of guacamole? How is it similar? How is it different?


2 thoughts on “Bake: Guacamole

  1. I love avocado now – but when I was a kid I refused to eat it, declaring it a ‘peeled frog’. Now? I can’t eat enough of it!

  2. I didn’t eat avocado when I was younger either, under the impression that as it looked ‘green and slimy’ it would also taste ‘green and slimy’. I have now become quite a fan, particularly in salads and with chicken in a sandwich, and have been experimenting with guacamole recipes. I will definitely try your version next! x Ally

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