Love: Bills

I have loved Bill Granger for a very, very long time. I watch his cooking shows and carefully flick through his recipe books, devouring all his lovely, fresh ideas. As a result, I have always wanted to go to one of his restaurants. I was so, so lucky to have been able to attend his Darlinghurst restaurant, titled ‘Bills‘, for a very memorable breakfast on Evie’s 2nd birthday during our visit to Sydney.

– Evie enjoying babycino number 1 –

– She knows a good babycino when she tastes one –

The restaurant itself has such a fresh, open and inviting feeling. The minute we walked in we were greeted with friendly service – and this continued the whole time we were there, even with our lively (and very messy) 2 year old. The atmosphere was bright and vibrant, without being too busy and bustling. The interior design included bright white walls, with pine features and fresh herbs and breads placed carefully around the service area and in the middle of the main share table.

I think we got one of the best tables in the restaurant as it was right near an open window (it was a hot, muggy day in Sydney) and the sun was beaming in all around us, brightening up our beautifully presented and ever-so-yummy meals.

The Bills Breakfast Menu is varied and caters for many tastes. That particular morning, we all had a sweet tooth and so Husband and I ordered the ricotta hot cakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter. These were a BIG FAT YUM! We also ordered a serving of the coconut bread which came with a side of ricotta cheese.

– Coconut bread….ordered for Evie, mostly eaten by Mummy and Dadda –

– The hotcakes with the perfect circle of honeycomb butter, right before it melts –

– A shot of the hotcakes in the sunlight –

Along with our lattes, we also ordered a juice titled, ‘Bills daily greens: green apple, cucumber and spinach with chia seeds and young coconut. It was also delish (and I forgot to take a photo of it).

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and in my top five favourite dining experiences….EVER! I highly recommend to it EVERYONE.

Have you been to Bills? Do you have a Bill Granger recipe book? Do you love Bill Granger like I do?


8 thoughts on “Love: Bills

  1. Gee, she sure takes after her Mumma !! That little Evie is LOVING that babycino! I love Bill’s food too, Al. It’s never complicated or fussy and generally includes stuff I already have in the pantry – but he puts it together in ways I wouldn’t have thought of! Glad to see you are back on-blog again – I missed my morning pick-me-up!! xox

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