{Holiday Series} Sew: Leila & Ben Sweet Dress

As I have mentioned before, I am always being inspired by beautiful friends. I very rarely have an original idea! I have recently been inspired, once again, by my gorgeous friend Jo. I took Evie around to Jo’s lovely new house for a play date with her daughter (and a Mummy-gossip session of course) and when Jo showed me a beautiful dress she’d recently made, I went straight home and made one for Evie. Luckily Jo swiftly emailed me the pattern link and I was able to stitch away immediately.

It’s a very basic style and pattern that I was able to whip up in an hour. I think it’s all about the fabric choice to ensure that this dress is eye-catching and much more than just a simple pattern.

– Sweet Dress –

I hope to layer it up over the Autumn and Winter with tights and long sleeve tops (in this case cream, black, blue or red/maroon).

I am also planning on making some more with some of the cute fabrics I have sitting around.

Thanks Jo!

Who inspires you?



12 thoughts on “{Holiday Series} Sew: Leila & Ben Sweet Dress

  1. What a beautiful, little dress. You are so talented – and patient! Who inspires me? Aung Sun Su Kyi – I know she has nothing to do with sewing, but she is one of the greatest human rights activists of our time. I can never get enough reading material on her. And, she will once again go up pre-election next month. I can’t wait to see the world of Burma finally change. xo

  2. Check out Retrobird designs on Etsy. Gorgeous little girls dresses in a simple design (but stunning fabrics). It might give you some further inspiration for sewing for Evie πŸ™‚

  3. It’s so cute, well done. This is a dress you should save when Evie grows out of it – because it deserves to be kept as a special baby dress. My mum has saved many dresses that we wore when we were small and it’s so funny to see them now.

    I also approve very much of the fabric – I have a scarf in the similar colour of the polkadot fabric πŸ™‚

  4. You have done an amazing job and have certainly inspired me to sew a few more of these little frocks! Love your fabric combo, it’s such a versatile little dress and I like the idea of matching tights to the fabric colours. You’re so talented x

  5. What a cute dress! You and Jo are both so talented πŸ™‚
    You both inspire me very much, and I wish I had the creative flair that you both possess… not a streak of creativity in me whatsoever…

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