{Holiday Series} Sew: Iphone Sleeping Bag Tutorial

I am onto my third Iphone 4. I am not proud to admit this, I am simply stating facts. I lost the first one to water damage in my handbag (as I always carry a water bottle in my handbag) and the second one to the toilet, thanks to my little girl (not many home-made covers would have saved that one). Needless to say, I am very protective of my third phone as I’m not keen on replacing it again to more water damage. So, I made this little sleeping bag to protect it when it’s floating around in my dapper day bag.

I have put together a little tutorial, so that anyone wanting to make one of these for themselves, can quite easily do so.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 small rectangles of outer fabric 9cm x 13.5cm (I measured my phone and added 3cm onto each edge),
  • 2 small rectangles of lining fabric 9cm x 13,5cm – I used flannelette as it’s nice and soft on your phone (cosy – I love my flannel sheets),
  • 2 small rectangles of waterproof fabric 9cm x 13.5cm – this is an optional layer, for extra water-proofing protection (paranoid),
  • 2 small rectangles of quilter’s wadding 8cm x 12.5cm – these are smaller as they are for cushioning and padding,
  • Cotton to match your outer fabric,
  • Sewing Machine, Cotton, Scissors.

What to do:

1. Cut out your fabric and iron.

– Fabric ready to go –

2. Pin your layers together and sew a long stitch around the edges to secure the side layers together.

– Secure your sides together –

3. At this stage, I trimmed the edges with scissors, this is important so that you can neatly zig zag the edges.

4. Zig zag the tope ends separately.

– Top ends only –

5. Pin your two pieces together, making sure that the outer fabric is on the outside (duh) and zig zag all the way around the edges with a fairly wide zig zag stitch. I went over it twice to make the stitch look thicker.

– Nearly there –

All done. How easy was that?? It’s not perfect, but it serves its purpose.

– Snug as a bug –

Have you taken extra measures to ensure your treasured items are safe?



4 thoughts on “{Holiday Series} Sew: Iphone Sleeping Bag Tutorial

  1. I like the cover, well done=) My mum once knitted me a cover for my phone but I forget to use it. I luckily have not had to replace any phones so my iPhone 4 is still going strong. I do try and not keep my keys and phone in the same compartment in my handbag too because of potential scratches xx

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  3. Paul dove straight into a pool with his iPhone a couple of days ago – don’t think this would have helped him much either, but great for the handbag!

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