{Holiday Series} Bake: Zucchini Slice

This post is written as a response to a request from my lovely ‘cousin’ Rachel. A week and a half ago Rachel asked if I had a good zucchini slice recipe that she could feed her almost-two-year-old daughter, Tully, that wasn’t low in calories. I jumped at the chance to trial one as I didn’t have one in my list of tried and tested faves, but have always wanted one. So naturally, I hopped onto taste.com and found this recipe.

If you look at the ingredients (that include cheddar cheese, vegetable oil, bacon and 5 eggs) it certainly is not calorie-friendly, but was definitely hitting the tasty criteria with full gusto! It was very easy to whip up and also freezes well.

– No grating for me…just whizzing!  –

Love my Braun Multiquick Hand Blender – thanks again Shan!

– All into one big bowl –

– Ready for that super-hot place for about 45-50 minutes –

– Out of the oven, nice and browned –

– Evie’s first slice –

Evie wouldn’t eat a mouthful (teething, poor Bubby)…Husband ate the whole lot! Oh well, maybe I’ll try again another day – at least I know it’ll get eaten by someone in the house.

Do you have a tried and tested zucchini slice recipe?



11 thoughts on “{Holiday Series} Bake: Zucchini Slice

  1. Ha I’ve done this exact same recipe for ted 2 weeks ago. Told Rachel it was great for the kids when we were discussing how they don’t seem to fill up as much these days!! Ted had to fight Andrew for it too!

  2. Thanks Al, similar to one I tried the other week too, but like Evie Tully didn’t want to eat it either! Have some in the freezer so will try again.

  3. I have a great zucchini slice recipe that I learned from a cafe I worked in while studying at Uni. I often put the mixture into a muffin tin, once cooked, wrap individual muffins for freezing (if hubby hasn’t eaten them first!). Tomato relish is also delicious with zucchini slice.

  4. YUMMO!! I must try it too. It looks amazing 🙂
    Also great that it freezes well. I have been trying to think of a few items to snack on, as I will having a friend over in a couple of weeks and we need to line the stomachs before a big night out for her birthday and I think this will be perfect to add to the table.
    I also have some beautiful tomato relish in the fridge – so perfect 🙂

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