{Holiday Series} Bake: Baby’s Dhal

I am forever thinking of lovely things to make for my bubba. I love cooking for her, even though she often turns her nose up at whatever I put in front of her – I wish I could turn away food, then I wouldn’t have the need for 12WBT! Anyway, back to bubba and her meals. I was looking through various cook books to see if I could find a tasty, wholesome and quick meal that I could slap up between marking and washing and I found it in one of my beloved baby cookbooks, that my gorgeous ‘cousin’ Rachel gave me when Evie was first born.

– Thanks Rach! –

It has some different meals for bubbas and many are tasty. This particular day I found a recipe that filled all of my criteria – Baby’s Dahl. I won’t type out the ingredients, as you can see them in this photo…

– Have they misspelt dhal? Not sure?!?! –

It was really easy and one of those recipes where you can chop then shove it all on one pot, cook away and voila – a yummy dinner for bubba!

– So easy –

– yummy mush –

And the verdict….Evie LOVED it! It was full of flavour (thanks to the curry powder, ground coriander, turmeric and cumin).

As it turns out, according to Wikipedia, Dhal can be spelt either Dhal, Dahl, Dal or even Daal! Well well, who knew??

What food do you cook up that fills these criteria?



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