Bake: Nutella Choc Chop Cookies

– A pile of cookies –

These biscuits need very little introduction as the title and the following photos pretty much speak for themselves. I did wonder whether making this particular recipe was in fact just an excuse for me to have a jar of Nutella in the cupboard, for eating with a spoon when one is craving chocolate (and when I say one, I mean ME!)

– The recipe is from my Super Food Ideas App –

– Sometimes I bake just to taste the butter and sugar together –

– Easy beating –

– Cookie dough is always a winner –

– Squish them down with a dampened fork –

– Freshly baked rows of bickies –

– A pile of cookies –


Have you got a special place in your heart for Nutella?


6 thoughts on “Bake: Nutella Choc Chop Cookies

  1. Oh no! Not sure if I wanted the recipe!! I decided I’d try one of the cookies you have us and leave the rest for Andrew and ted… BUT I could not stop eating them. Without a doubt the best cookies ever! Loved the squishy bits inside… I will not make this recipe!!!

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