Bake: A Birthday Cake for Husband

Husband had his birthday a few weeks ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to putting together the information on how I made his mammoth birthday cake. His request was for me to make him a vanilla sponge with three layers; one of vanilla custard and one of chocolate custard. Not asking much hey? So I set about to making it. Unfortunately, the vanilla sponge was a bit of an epic fail, but the vanilla and chocolate custards were great – I was really happy with my first attempt at these. I’ll definitely make them again.

For the “sponge” I cheated and bought a packet vanilla cake – not really acceptable behaviour, is it? The cake was far too heavy and dense for the beautiful, light custards.

For the custards, I used a recipe from for Pasticciera Cream (Italian Pastry Cream) which could also be used for filling cannolis (YUM!)

Here is the adventure that was making Husband’s birthday cake…

– Scalding the milk –

– Finely grated choccy –

– After the other pre-mixed ingredients are added to the scalded milk –

– Chilling the custards with plastic wrap on surfaces to prevent a skin from forming –

– YUM! –

Now for the layering…

– The BIG cake! –

– The even BIGGER cake! –

– He also wanted the cake to be covered in whipped cream, so I started piping it on, but it looked quite shite, so I scrapped the idea –

– This looks lovely and neat –

– Then he requested shaved chocolate to cover the cake…it all kind of dropped to the plate and wouldn’t stick to the sides though –

– and his final request was the fresh strawberries –

– The soccer ball candles were my idea –

– We had a lovely dinner of homemade lasagna (another request) –

– Evie and Husband blowing out the candles…she was SO excited –

– I had to get a shot with a slice taken out of it –

– And the cake then being devoured…which is was for the next whole week –

He is one lucky Husband….

Have you made Italian Pastry Cream? Or do you have another recipe? Do you have someone in your life that makes birthday requests?


12 thoughts on “Bake: A Birthday Cake for Husband

  1. YUM – I love looking at your cooking exploits, and eating them too of course. I wish I had the patience to try cooking new things. But then again, i’d have to eat them all too….

  2. Your husband is so high maintenance!! I wonder who he inherited that from πŸ™‚ Cake and lasagne look delicious. Did you ever have any of the amazing Italian pastries while you were in Italy? So good!!

  3. Amazing! I have always said that when I get married I will have different layers on the cake and now you have really showed me how good it can get! Love the cake, the chocolate shavings, the soccer candles and the lasagna. Perfect birthday celebration in my eyes X

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