Love: Routines

I think I love routines.

I have been told I am a ‘creature of habit’.

I’m really not sure whether this was a compliment or a criticism, but I find myself following routines in my day-to-day life.

For example, on a working day, I ALWAYS shower (with routines within the shower; wash face, hair removal and wash/condition hair), then dry/style hair and do makeup, then eat breakfast, with coffee and take vitamins, then brush my teeth and drive to work. I always take the same route to work and when I get to work, I always turn on my computer, then put my lunch in the fridge, then make a cup of tea, then sit down and read emails and finalize my classes for the day.

Is this normal behaviour? Is this boring? Is this time saving? Do you think this is a bit freaky?

My routine is about to be thrown out with my upcoming house move (and being without a house for a month) – this is scary…..but kind of exciting as it means I will be forced to mix it up a bit!

Do you have routines that you follow? And I mean ALWAYS follow??


4 thoughts on “Love: Routines

  1. I think it’s great to have a routine as it helps you stay organised and prepared for the day. But often life does not always go to plan, so it’s good to be flexible aswell! Enjoy the month of being in limbo, it will be worth it when you move into your new house xx

  2. As long as you’re not OCD in the sense that if your routine is changed at times it doesn’t leave you feeling freaked out, then kudos to your organisational skills – I could do with injecting some of that into my personal life (particularly when it comes to planning blog posts!)

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