Love: Pastel Jeans…..or do I???

Everywhere I go, I see pastel jeans….shop windows, websites, catalogues….but very rarely on a real human being.

Suzanne Grae

I like them on the mannequins and on the sexy, hot, skinny models, but can a real-life, size 12, hot-mumma (that’s me everyone) actually look great in a pair of pastel jeans? Now is your time to be honest Peeps…bring it on!!

– Sportsgirl Abbie Ankle Grazer in melon ($$79.95) –

Apparently this is how you wear pastel jeans

I would love to hear what you think about pastel jeans.


8 thoughts on “Love: Pastel Jeans…..or do I???

  1. Of course you can, but like any pair of pants/jeans, you have to find the right pair to fit your shape! Sometimes a very difficult thing to do. Am looking forward to losing my baby weight so i can fit back into pre pregnancy clothes and might even invest in some pastels. I hope Katies bring out a range as I love their jeans! I was thinking to myself as I started reading your blog ‘what do you wear them with?’ Scrolled down a little more and there you had the link! Thanks Al XX

  2. You go girl!! I reckon you’d look great in a pair! I also agree with Swano – get the right fit for your shape. The colours are soooo pretty!! xox

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