Love: Nerds

Who ate nerds when they were younger? ME! AND who is still eating them? ME!

– SO colourful! –

I was lucky enough to receive a very large packet of Rainbow Nerds from my gorgeous brother and sister in law. They purchased them from a famous toy shop, FOA Schwarz, in New York when they went there recently for a holiday. AND I LOVE THEM! I have been nibbling away at them as I type. They also bought me some Nerds socks – I think they are trying to tell me something!?!

So, I repeat…did you eat Nerds? Have you had them recently?


One thought on “Love: Nerds

  1. Oh how nice and colourful! I prefer salty over sour but I have had Nerds a few times and I do like them:) FOA Schwartz reminds me of so many kids movies – such great memories:) Xx

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