Love: Colourful Ballet Flats

Starting to get ready to get my feet out of their winter boots and into some bright ballet flats. Paired with some blue or black jeans and a bright, colourful top, one is ready to face the big bad world!


– Betts NeonΒ in yellow ($59.99) –


– Target Piping Hot twister knot flat shoe in coral ($25) –


– Wittner Lee Lee flats in emerald suede ($69.95) –


– Forever New Aurora Lace Ballet in Neon Citrus ($49.99) –


– ASOS Lucy iridescent ballet flats in purple ($19.52) –

What are your thoughts on the colourful ballet flat?


8 thoughts on “Love: Colourful Ballet Flats

  1. Fantastic picks Alison, you should be my stylist! I already have a pair of yellow flats but there is always room for more. I always like my flats to be leather so they last longer X

  2. I LOVE ballet flats. I agree with Ingrid. I always purchase leather too. I think they last longer and adapt to the shape of your feet better. Shan xo

  3. I so wish that I could do flats! I have tried so many times and they just aren’t comfortable for me. I have flat arches and my feet ache in flats. Boo hoo! I do love a small wedge heel though. Much more comfy for my silly feet.
    I would learn to live with the pain of ballet flats if I had the oh so amazing Chanel navy and cream ones that I’ve wanted for years!!

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