Bake: Moist Lemon and Almond Tea Cake

This recipe was inspired by the CSR Raw Caster Sugar packet and anything that has the word moist to describe it, wins my vote every time. I had also been asked by my gorgeous “cousin’, Rachel, to post a recipe that used lemons as she has/had and abundance of them (I’m very envious by the way).

I went with the lazy option and took of a photo of the recipe, rather than type it all out…lazy huh?

– The ingredients you’ll need –

– The cooking method –

It is a really straight forward recipe that turned out beautifully. The actual recipe was for one large tea cake, but I felt like making smaller cakes, so I baked them in the muffin trays for about 15-20 mins, as little individual Moist Lemon and Almond Tea Cakes.

– My beautiful nude lemons with the gorgeous rind ready to go into the mix –

– A lovely fluffy cake batter…yum….I love eating cake batter, even though it has raw egg in it –

– Scooping them into their little trays with the ice cream scoop –

– Ready for baking (180 degrees for about 15-20 mins) with their almond tops –

– Yum! –

What do you do with your excess lemons? Do you ever turn to an ingredient packet for cooking inspiration?


10 thoughts on “Bake: Moist Lemon and Almond Tea Cake

  1. I was just about to make this, started getting all ingredients out and then realised I didn’t have enough eggs! Oh well I might have to make this over the weekend! Thanks for the recipe ‘cousin’!

  2. Yum! This recipe is right up my alley, Ali!! I might try and make them for Luca’s bday table. Lemons mixed with fine sugar make an awesome scrub! xx

  3. I love tea cakes, and these look delish as muffins! I will try these with the next lot of lemons I get. I’ve been making a lot of lemon delicious pudding with the extra lemons around the place. My neighbour’s lemon tree is very prolific, so I’ve made them a pudding in exchange for the mighty huge bag they gave us. My pudding recipe is a CSR one too, from the free little book I picked up at foodworks in the village (I love that supermarket).

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