Love: Shoe Storage

I have to admit that I have a substantial amount of footwear. I am always running out of storage space for them, so I thought I’d check out some storage solutions in this area…


– The shoe wheel. Comes in different colours. Can be purchased here


– This hides your shoes away. Can be purchased here –


– Shoe rack AND art display…not so sure myself. Get it here. –


– Hand them neatly in your closet-style-storage. From here. –


– Stacking them up in their own little clear shoe box…like the day they were purchased. Find them here. –

My fave is Number 5, as it’s neat and organised and away from sight.

Which is your fave? What is your shoe storage situation right now?


10 thoughts on “Love: Shoe Storage

  1. My favourite is No. 4. I have the same sort of thing in my cupboard. Only problem is that I’ve filled it already! They never seem to look quite as neat as the pictures either…

  2. I do #4 and I’m not enthused about it. It’s getting to encrouch on the hanging garment area- but it’s good for seeing the pretties all the time. By the by- can you really trust a woman who doesn’t have alot of shes?

  3. Number 4 my favourite, but I like one from ikea it sits on the along ground o wont take up precious hanging space. Planning on getting a few when we finish our ensuite.

  4. Number 2. If it was a little more stylish, like furniture, you wouldn’t need to have it in your cupboard taking up valuable space!

  5. I like the idea of number 4 and 5 but I’m happy with my shoe storage at the moment. Half are in their original boxes (and they’re labelled) and half are in my linen cupboard. Works perfectly for me X

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