Love: The Bay Window

I have a new love (obsession) for bay windows in the main bedroom. Here are some that have caught my eye…


– Cosy: A great place for tea. Source


– Maybe it’s the view from this one that I like? Source


– So much extra light. Source


– Classy. Source


– A great study space. Source

What is your take on the bay window? Like? No Like?



10 thoughts on “Love: The Bay Window

  1. I love a bay window. They add instant peace to a room. I’ve had one once, and I must admit I didn’t make much use of it, but still loved it!! Does your new bedroom have one? Or will it?? 🙂

  2. Love the first one with the window seat…. I always imagined myself with a book in a bay window… perhaps when you build yours in your new place I can sneak in there for a read every now and then! x Ally

  3. Oh yes, I love bay windows. If they’re north facing, even better. I love the warm sun streaming through them on a cold day. They are romantic too, in that old fashioned victorian era kind of way (since I don’t have a time machine, I am guessing about the victorian era thing) but I can imagine one of Jane Austen’s characters reading a book or writing in their diaries under one.

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