Bake: Caramel Chocolate and Almond Slice

This week’s baking post is brought to you by sweetened condensed milk. The sickly sweet, very naughty, tinned treat. I have a recipe journal that I keep some cut-out recipes in, ones that have caught my eye in the past. This one was cut from an old Super Food Ideas magazine, but when I went to to find it, it wasn’t there. I did however, find it on – the link is here.

It was terribly easy to make and required very few ingredients – all of which I had in my pantry and fridge.

– The base, which was baked for 12 mins before adding the topping –

– The very complicated process of mixing the choc bits and the almonds –

– The pouring of the sweetened condensed milk –

– Baking (again) for about 15 minutes –

– Small squares are best as it is quite sweet –

Yum Yum!

Do you have a recipe that uses your pantry items? Or a great sweetened condensed milk recipe?



17 thoughts on “Bake: Caramel Chocolate and Almond Slice

  1. This looks absolutely delicious! Perfect timing that you posted this today because we’re going to friends tomorrow night for dinner so I wanted to bring them something sweet. This is it, I just know it:) X

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