Love: Jason Van Genderen and ‘Megan & Me’

I attended a conference on Friday for work and was completely inspired by many amazing ideas and discussions. The keynote speaker was a very clever man named Jason Van Genderen. He is a film maker who has won many Tropfest awards with his modern film making style of using only a smart phone to make most of his short films – he refers to himself as the ‘Pocket Film Maker’.

He showed and discussed many of his short films at the conference, and a few really stood out to me.

The first one was his film, ‘Mankind is no Island’ which won the 2008 NY Tropfest film competition, as the first winning film made completely on a smart phone. He made the entire film for just $57.

The next one that stood out was his film, ‘The Unspoken’ which is a film about his dad, who was dying of cancer. His film making style is so honest and so moving.

This final short film actually brought me to tears. I found this all a bit confronting, as I was at a work conference, but there was something in it that really made me sad. This one is about missing his children after their fortnightly weekend visits.

I went home that night and Googled Jason Van Genderen and discovered that he has also made a series of webisodes to be viewed on Youtube about the year that he and his girlfriend (of only six months at the time) spent apart, as she was a volunteer in Ethiopia. They each had a small camera and after watching the first webisode, I was HOOKED. I have become addicted to this series, ‘Megan & Me‘ (this is the link to Episode 1). The series was made back in 2010, so it may be old news for some, but it’s new to me 🙂

Have you heard of Jason Van Genderen? Have you heard of Megan & Me? What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Love: Jason Van Genderen and ‘Megan & Me’

    • Wow! I’m feeling a bit star struck right now – a personal comment from Jason 🙂 How exciting! I was really impressed with your work and will certainly be using some of your films and ideas in my class room! When is the feature length Megan & Me doco coming out?? Have I missed something?

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