Love: Three Things



– A road trip to my mum’s new house in the country…yay! –


– Watching (to the point of obsession) the latest Bachelorette season –


– Buying a house – YAY! –

You love?



4 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. Congratulations on number 3, very exciting! My loves this week include the Olympics, seeing Gus a lot and planning some exciting upcoming trips.

    Have a lovely weekend X

  2. Yippeeee to the new house! It’s gorgeous! New beginnings and parties!
    My 3 things for the week:
    1) spending the day with ted one on one yesterday instead of working
    2) getting back on the healthy eating wagon (bar the chocolate I ate last 2 days….)
    3) precious time spent with Shan before she flys back to honkers!

    Enjoy your trip away to your mums! Road trip! Road trip!

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