Love: Question of the Week

In the last few months I have lost a noticeable amount of weight. Many people in my life – Mothers’ Group, work, friends and family have made comments such as, ‘Have you lost more weight?’ or, ‘Gee, you are looking great Alison, have you lost weight?’. And I am always chuffed to hear these comments as it means my hard work has paid off and it also means these people are comfortable enough with me to say these lovely things.

– Husband would like these scales –

On reflection however, it is predominantly females that have said this me. This has brought me right into this week’s question….

Is it OK for men to tell women they look like they have lost weight?

I am intrigued to hear people’s views on this. My gut feeling is that many men are just being WAY too careful to ever make a comment on a woman’s weight. Or maybe they just don’t notice things like this? Or is there another reason?


Would love to hear from y’all.



11 thoughts on “Love: Question of the Week

  1. I would have to say that I think it depends on who the man is and how you know them. I have had quite a few men say ive lost weight in recent months. The most surprising was a few of them were people I’d met valuing their houses a year ago. Andrew definitely tells women they have lost weight. He even tells them when he prefers their hair!! Haha.
    I do think they are less likely to speak up than us women though… Us women know the dedication and hard work that goes into shifting the weight so I think we are always ready to give acknowledgment when it’s due!!

  2. You know what Al … I’ve never noticed your weight gain or weight loss. To me, you have always looked fit and healthy – and slim. You have always being committed to an active lifestyle – something I could definitely aim to achieve. Sorry for not making a remark directly to you on my return to Australia. As for men, I honestly don’t think they notice because it just doesn’t mean the same thing to them. Perhaps it is a box in their mind somewhere, but for the most part, they are thinking about so many other things that women do not think about. With that said, I think your partner, husband or boyfriend always notices the change because they see us naked. Shan xo

  3. I think most men notice but they don’t think to say it (rather like picking clothes off the floor LOL). Or perhaps they have learnt some harsh lessons about saying something and it being interpreted another way. Even my husband and I suffer that disconnect sometimes. Us girls sometimes think others judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves and that often not the case at all.

  4. I think they notice, but have been conditioned not to say anything, lest they be accused of paying too much attention. I have a male boss and its almost a game to see how much lunacy I can add to my uniform and never have him say anything, he doesn’t want to be in a series of seminars about appropriateness with staff!

  5. I agree with what the others have said, it’s conditioning not to say anything in case it’s misinterpreted. 😛

    Good on you for losing all that weight, I know what an achievement it is! I need to get inspired to get off my tush and get rid of some of the excess pounds I have gained lately!

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