Love: Movie Review – Magic Mike

As I sat there in that darkened cinema and the opening sequence of the movie played out, I was beginning to regret my decision to come and see this particular film. I must admit, that it wasn’t until about 20 minutes into this film, that I actually started to enjoy it, and not feel those feelings of regret, that you all know you’ve felt at some stage in your movie-going lives.

– Two words: Channing Tatem –

To use my lovely friend, Shan’s words, ‘Two words: Channing Tatem’. THIS has to be the main reason why this film was rather enjoyable. His character (Magic Mike) is so serious, yet able to enjoy himself, yet thoughtful, and let’s be honest…just effing HOT!

The story is pretty simple. This movie is basically about the journey of Magic Mike, who is a stripper, and how he shows a younger guy, Adam (played by Alex Pettyfer) the ropes and the lifestyle of a stripper. In the mean-time, Magic Mike and Adam’s older (mother-like) sister, Brooke (played by Cody Horn) become friends and you can all guess what then happens…I really don’t want to give too much away, but it’s very predictable.

Matthew McConaughey’s character (Dallas) is rather odd and somewhat unlikable, with a very hot bod – boy these guys must have done some serious weights leading into this production.

There is one thing that I really liked about this film and that I couldn’t help noticing throughout my viewing was the use of filters and the camera work. During the ‘behind the scenes’ moments, the camera was very one-dimensional and sat in low-angle corners, as if peeking in on the strippers as they prepared for their performances. these scenes were also a bit grainy and dull. On the other hand, when the strippers were on stage, and performing their (quite enjoyable) shows, the shots were from many varied angles, including close-ups and medium shots and the film stock was crisp and bright. In addition to this, the scenes that Brooke was in (the love interest) were filtered with warm, summery oranges and yellows. All very interesting indeed.

Since going to see it I have heard many mixed reviews – it seems there are many gals out there who either LOVE it or HATE it – there’s no in-between.

All images taken from IMDB.

So, the question is, have you seen Magic Mike? If so…thoughts please? And if not, why not??



7 thoughts on “Love: Movie Review – Magic Mike

  1. Oh . my . goodness! Channing makes every single part of my body tingle. He is tall, muscular, rugged and has got the moves baby. I loved this movie because it made me laugh – a lot. No deep thinking involved. ‘Magic Mike’ is porn for women – and there should be more like it! Shan xo

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