Love: Three Things

Three. Things. I. Love. This. Week. Are.


– My two days a week at home with my baby girl –


– The increasing sunny days – (photo source)


– The excitement knowing of the new beginnings that lay ahead… –

What do you love this week?



4 thoughts on “Love: Three Things

  1. 1. Recognition and appreciation for the time and effort put into my ‘other’ role at school, the one I don’t get paid for and rarely acknowledged for!
    2. ‘Family dinner’ with my other family – Mel and Mac
    3. Getting back into netty after 4 weeks off – sore legs!
    Congrats on the purchase, looks amazing. Will begin getting the bikini bod ready! x Ally

  2. 1. Meeting and cuddling Anne-Sophie.
    2. Finishing watching ‘Summer Heights High’.
    3. Having lunch with my parents and my little family before Luke and Remy left for Hong Kong.

    Lovely photograph of you and Evie. xo

    I need your blog resilience. Shan xo

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