Love: Question of the Week

As requested by my beautiful friend Shan, and following a conversation that had taken place, this week’s question could be considered rather personal.

If you could change one part of your body, what would it be?

The four of us involved in the conversation all stated what we would change if we had the resources to do so; money, time and courage.

Before having a baby, and breastfeeding, I was happy with my breasts. They weren’t anything special or anything to write home about and I was certain that I would never have anyone go near them with a knife. But now I feel like they need some work. I now understand why women go through this procedure. Whether or not I’ll ever have the resources to get it done, is a whole other story.

So, I (and Shan) put this question to you…. If you could change one part of your body, what would it be?



15 thoughts on “Love: Question of the Week

  1. As you know, my part of the body id change is my eyelashes. My short thin dark eyelashes that are too short to be curled and that mascara is wasted on. I am loving my eyelash extensions!! Quite a non radical change but it makes such a difference!!

  2. Aside from weight issues – which I can change – I would change my teeth. I would love to have them straightened but fear the teeth extraction. What the heck, I should just get braces and enjoy straight teeth! Shan – your beautiful friend. xo

  3. Shan, I would also change my teeth. I wish I had been more diligent in my dental care over the years – and now I’m paying for it! However, I have discovered that there are dentists now that can put you to sleep and when you wake up all your teeth are fixed!! How wonderful! I’m definitely checking that out when we move closer to Melbourne. The other thing ( don’t know if I’m allowed 2 things!!) is I would have taken better care of my skin. Too much sun (we weren’t warned, back then, of the damage it could do) has left me with ruddy and vein-lined cheeks – another thing I will address when I get closer to the professionals who may be able to fix it!

    Great question ladies – good discussion!

  4. I would change knees! Not sure if there is a procedure, but I have fat knees, which make my whole leg look stumpy! No matter how much weight I lose or exercise I do, they remain. And I’d get a boob job- not implants, just a lift!

  5. Mine is something I would change about me internally that would lead to external (body) changes… I would get rid of the triple curse – asthma, eczema, hay fever. This would mean my eyes would be clearer, my nose would be clearer, I could play sport stress free and run around in the cold, and in terms of appearance – my skin would be clearer. From years of eczema my legs and arms are scarred which I am conscious of. At the moment my eyelids and chin are quite affected which drives me crazy and I try to hide with make up which of course only adds to the problem! Wishful thinking! x Ally

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