Love: Five Things About Me

I was lucky enough to receive the Liebster Blog Award from my friend and fellow blogger Shan over at Life and Times With Art.

I thank her for this and I would now like to share FIVE things about me….that you MAYBE don’t know….

Number 1.

– I am NOT a seafood fan. I want to be someone who likes seafood. Everybody around me raves about seafood and I know its nutritional benefits. But I cannot grow to like it.

Number 2.

– I love washing, hanging and folding washing. Is this bizarre? I think it’s the refreshing, newness about the whole process that I like.

Number 3.

– I must have a beverage with my evening meal. Whether it’s water, or juice or mineral water, I HAVE to have a drink with my meal, or the whole world will end.

Number 4.

– One of my pet hates is when you hang the washing out and then it gets rained on, deeming the whole process a waste of time. This is not just something that annoys me, I absolutely DETEST it! (Another washing one – weird?)

Number 5.

– I love the Bachelorette and The Farmer Wants a Wife. I have copped a lot of flack for it over the years, but I care not. I love watching this tacky genre of ‘reality TV’. I am fascinated with how far people will go with a camera shoved in their face.

I would now like to nominate the following five bloggers for this very prestigious Liebster Blog Award:

1. Ingrid @ In Glossy Beauty

2. Kim-Marie @ KimbaLikes

3. Prttynpink @ PrettyGrievances

4. Rachel @ Sewitsfashion

5. Janene @ Ooobop

I hope that you enjoy reading their words as much as I do.

Do you’all have any bloggers you follow and would like to share here?



6 thoughts on “Love: Five Things About Me

  1. With you on the seafood front. Anything with that amount of legs/antennae/tentacles and googly eyes does not trigger the tiniest amount of ‘yum’ however hard I try. Glad to meet someone who feels the same! And thank you for nominating me…. very touched! 🙂

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