Bake: Home Made Meat Pies

We recently purchased a fancy Bocastle ($18) family meat pie, that was worth EVERY PENNY! It was a spectacular meat pie! Evie LOVED it! Instead of spending another $18 on pie, I decided to save some pennies and get baking some of my own Evie-sized pies. The result was very positive.

I jumped onto and found a recipe for the pies and another one for the basic mince that is the filling.

– Onions and veggies cooking off to start with –

– The mince is cooked off and then tomatoes and sauces go in near the end –

– The final item…the fresh flat leaf parsley

– After it had cooked for 45 minutes, the flavours had really infused –

– I hunted around for a round kitchen item that was the perfect fit for the muffin trays I used…a funnel was the closest –

– The shortcrust pastry fits snugly into the muffin tins –

– In goes the goodness –

– Ready for the oven. I trialled some different toppings: sesame seeds, flaked salted and freshly cracked black pepper –

– Straight out of the oven –

– An arty shot….like? –

– Evie is ready to devour her Evie-sized pie –

I love knowing exactly what goes into our food – knowing there’s no added preservatives and the meat is lower in fat makes me feel better about eating foods like this. The Evie-sized pies were also a hit with Husband….the downside of that was that he would eat four pies, to Evie’s one pie…meaning they didn’t last very long.

Have you made meat pies before? Or do you think they’re easier just to buy? Do you have a preferred brand?



8 thoughts on “Bake: Home Made Meat Pies

  1. They look great! Well done! I can see why both Bub and Hubby hoovered them. Have you thought about adding a little curry powder to the mince? Of course, it depends on whether you all like curry – some people don’t. It might be good to introduce a new flavour to Evie. 🙂

  2. I’m not big on pies and have never had one, but Mike loves them. These on the other hand I would love to eat because I know what’s gone into them and they look delicious. X

  3. Yummy pies. Did u use short crust pastry for the whole pie or did you top with puff pastry? I top mine with puff and it’s delicious. Must pass on my chicken pie recipe…
    Ooh got to love a pie. We added cheese to our too. Gooey delight!

    • Yes, short crust for the bottoms and puff for the tops…yummo! I would happily use puff all over though! Love a chicken and mushroom pie – i have an awesome Bill Granger one…actually, that’s given me an idea x

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