Bake: Chocolate Scones

Once again, I have been inspired by the clever Nicole Avery, over at Planning With Kids when she recently made chocolate scones with her children. I instantly decided I had to have them….in my mouth…yum! They were super easy, super tasty and super more-ish. I made the first batch, and they were eaten within two days (there’s some serious chocolate scone-loving going on at my house) and so I made a second batch about a week later during a play date with my gorgeous friend Shan, and her daughters Amaya and Remy. All the girls got in and helped make, and eat them.

– Similar to a normal scone recipe, but with the cocoa and choc-bits added –

– Wet ingredients into dry –

– Ready for rolling out…a yummy mass of chocolate scone-dough –

– Evie helping –

– Ready to bake –

– Baked –

– Ready for the devouring process –

Have you tried the chocolate scones at Baker’s Delight? Does the thought of them appeal to you?



6 thoughts on “Bake: Chocolate Scones

  1. Wow Alison, they look amazing! I’ve baked many a scone in my quite considerable lifetime but never ones with chocolate! What a great idea – combining two of my all-time favourites – scones AND chocolate! As soon as i hit my goal weight (1 more kilo!!! Yay!!) I’m going to treat myself! xox

  2. I don’t recall you taking photographs on the day?! And Evie certainly wasn’t wearing that gorgeous dress?! I think you have cooked another batch of chocolate scones!! Lucky person whomever received the second batch because they were delicious. Thank you for having has over and a place to trash for a couple of hours. xo

  3. I had a ‘thing’ for the chocolate scones from Baker’s Delight a few years ago… a colleague from work and I used to buy them for each other when we went up the street. Haven’t had one for awhile… mmmm… x Ally

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